Project Showcase

VR Zeitreise (2021/2021) - Released and currently displayed in the Deutsches Museum Nuremberg

The project “VR Zeitreise” (VR Timetravel) is part of the exhibition area “Time and Space” in the new Deutsches Museum Nürnberg – Zukunftsmuseum. The museum itself is themed around state-of-the-art technologies and how they potentially shape the future. The VR Zeitreise offers an outlook of Nuremberg in the year 2050 by showcasing the exhibits presented in the museum in a fictional context.

The project allows four visitors to live through this experience cooperatively while they share the same physical space. This new approach to VR multiplayer enables the visitors to move freely and to interact with each other directly and offers academics a new publicly available experimental area to study.

Shadowmaker VR (2019) - Released

In “Shadowmaker” we want to put you into the shoes of your younger self and capture the wonder that you felt when playing with shadows. Explore your bedroom, discover toys and objects and use them to create fascinating shapes!

LAME. (2018/2019) - Released

L.A.M.E. is a unique mix of different genres of gaming in an asymmetric local multiplayer setup. One player takes on the role of the attacker and plays a first-person shooter on the big screen while the other sets up challenges on a mobile phone.

The first-person player tries to destroy four generators in the level to eventually turn off the mainframe structure. At the same time, the defending player strategizes on their mobile phone, looking at the same level from a top-down perspective, placing and upgrading drones in the level and protecting their generators to protect their core.

The Rapid Treasure Escape (2017/2018) - Released on

“The Rapid Treasure Escape” is a fast-paced racing game where you are sharing a gamepad with a friend to control two trickster pirates on the run. Swooshing down a river in a little rowing boat packed with gold and diamonds you try to escape from a big pirate ship that you stole the treasures from. Don’t get caught and avoid the obstacles or your precious gold will go overboard – make it to your hidden cave and save as much treasure as possible!

Flatten The Curve (2020) - Released on this WebSite

Flatten the Curve is an educational simulation management game in which the player saves lives by deploying countermeasures to combat an epidemic in a crowded city.

Play now! (No download required, play directly in the browser)

Adventure Game Engine (2018/2019) - Released on GitHub

The “Adventure Game Engine” is made for Point&Click Adventures. It includes the fundamental elements to create a game of this genre.

I implemented some of the game programming patterns I thought myself recently. The engine includes two external frameworks: SFML and rapidXML. 

Steam Shooter Project (2017) - Playable Prototype

This project includes every basic element for an online shooter, including: steam friendlist support, server hosting, lobby screen, true first person locomotion, physical simulation of different cartridges, believable weapon behaviour and basic Zombie AI.

Also, it is my first serious project in the Unreal Engine 4. It introduces me into many aspects of the engine and game development in general, like Network Replication, Animation Controller and Artificial Intelligence.

Lab Rats! (2018) - Finished

Teaching new students to a lab about safety behaviour, correct use of lab equipment and a natural understanding of cause and effect in labs.

Scalable gameplay allows for many topics to be covered and added in the future.

In this fast paced game, the player is confronted with quede up minigames that increase in difficulty over time. He has to react quickly on each challenge in a matter of seconds.