In “Shadowmaker” we want to put you into the shoes of your younger self and capture the wonder that you felt when playing with shadows. Explore your bedroom, discover toys and objects and use them to create fascinating shapes!

Most impacting Worksamples

VR Platform

  • Staying within the platform’s hardware budget, although the game’s essential gameplay element is real-time lighting.
  • Support for Oculus Rift and
    HTC Vive

VR Interactions

  • Natural Interactions with the environment and objects
  • Physic-based buttons, switches, levers, doorknobs, drawers, and door hinges
  • Fluent switch between gravity and no-gravity
  • Velocity-based item control in no-gravity that allows the player to move or rotate an object only in those axes specified by the player


  • Collecting metrics with PlayFab to support design decisions by data
  • Utilization of UE4’s Profiler and RenderDoc to monitor the project.


  • Real-time color blending to provide the scenery with different moods

Project Overview​

Project Type
Fourth Year Collaborative Project (BA) at Cologne Game Lab

Development Time & Current State
7 weeks – Released

Windows, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

VR Sandbox Experience

Executable (Windows)

Manuel Ott: Programming
Rebecca Nöll: Game Design, Level Design, Graphic Design, Sound Design

My Accomplishments
As the solely programmer of the project, I was responsible for the entire rechnical realization of the project.

Unreal Engine 4, RenderDoc, MS Visual Studio, Git, Hack’n’Plan, Reaper

Blueprints, C++