Project Archive

SKRP! (2018) - Released

Experience the reminiscent life story of a simple shape in an abstract environment, filled with words to explore and shape your way up to discover who you are and where you came from.

The player starts as a child (a dot) in a playful environment. There, he can discover the basic mechanics by solving the puzzles presented. A cutscene follows up at which the child become a teenager. He drops into the next chapter as a grown up. The experience of boring, repetitive work is in contrast to the playful environment at the beginning…

Color Blind (2018) - Released on GlobalGameJam 2018

A local coop platform game. Each player is given specificly colored glasses (green or red). Depending on which glasses they wear they only can see certain elements of the level. To succeed they have to communicate constantly to inform each other of the perils ahead.