Flatten The Curve


“Flatten The Curve” aims to explain the complex nature of an epidemic using a simplified simulation. Players are invited to experiment with different countermeasures to better understand how they affect the overall spread of a virus.

Most impacting Worksamples

World Simulation

  • AI follows a daily routine driven by the needs fatigue, hunger, work, and recovery
  • Four locations types are available to fulfill the needs
  • Three types of humans are simulated: Youth, Adult, and Elderly
  • AI is controlled with a State-Machine and moves along a NavMesh

Epidemic Simulation

  • Simulated Lifetime: Incubation and Infection
  • Simulated Reproduction
  • Simulated Mortality


  • Four types of countermeasures to influence the simulation: Disinfection Station, Mask-Give-Away Station, Testing Station, and Quarantine
  • Each station has a radius, quantity of uses, resource costs, and influence a different part of the simulation


  • Web-based Game, directly playable within a browser without the need to download and install it first

Project Overview​

Project Type
Sixth Year Collaborative Project (BA) at Cologne Game Lab

Development Time & Current State
7 weeks (COVID-19 Home Office) – Released


Simulation, Serious Game

Play now! (No download required, play directly in the browser)

Niklas Wirths: Design
Manuel Ott: Programming
Raven Rush: Art

My Accomplishments
My responsibility was everything that required code. Most noticeable is the underlying world simulation.

Unity, MS Visual Studio, Git