L.A.M.E. is a unique mix of different genres of gaming in an asymmetric local multiplayer setup. One player takes on the role of the attacker and plays a first-person shooter on the big screen while the other sets up challenges on a mobile phone.

The first-person player tries to destroy four generators in the level to eventually turn off the mainframe structure. At the same time, the defending player strategizes on their mobile phone, looking at the same level from a top-down perspective, placing and upgrading drones in the level and protecting their generators to protect their core.

Most impacting Worksamples

Artificial Intelligence

Defender's Gameplay



  •  Seperate builds for Windows and Android: the mobile version uses a different set of assets to match its architecture limitations
  • SCRUM (#1, #2)

If you like to know more about the project, proceed to the specific blog posts by clicking on: LAME. (2018/2019)

Project Overview​

Project Type
Third Semester Collaborative Project (BA) at Cologne Game Lab

Development Time & Current State
10 weeks – Released

Windows & Android

Asymmetric local multiplayer, combining First-Person-Shooter with Real-Time-Strategy

Windows 64 bit (must be the host)
Android (must be the client; joining takes a while)

Daniel Turner: Programming
David Wildemann: Modelling & Rigging
Gina Graf: Concept Art, Animation
Manuel Ott: Programming, SCRUM Master
Ozan Öztürk: Game Design, Product Owner
Rebecca Nöll: Game Design, UI Design

My Accomplishments
Mainly, I was responsible for the AI and the Defender’s Gameplay.

Unreal Engine, DoN’s 3D Pathfinding Plugin, MS Visual Studio, Git, Hack’n’Plan