Lab Rats!


Teaching new students to a lab about safety behaviour, correct use of lab equipment and a natural understanding of cause and effect in labs. Scalable gameplay allows for many topics to be covered and added in the future.

In this fast paced game, the player is confronted with quede up minigames that increase in difficulty over time. He has to react quickly on each challenge in a matter of seconds.

Most impacting Worksamples

Player Input

  •  Touch Input (Tab, Swipe, Drag & Drop)


  • Paint on Texture
  • Snapping
  • Animation driven sequences

Mini Game Manager

  • All Minigames base on a single template
  • The Manager creates and queues up Minigames depending on current difficulty


  • Transitions between each Minigame and UI elements

Project Overview​

Project Type
Part of “GLARS” in “Artistic Research & Development” Workgroup

Development Time & Current State
8 months (part time) – Finished, about to be released in the PlayStore

Tablet or smartphone (tablet is preferred) (Android)

Actiongame with a serious background

Android APK (LabRats v1.1)

David Wildemann: Art, Design
Manuel Ott: Programming
Ozan Öztürk: Design, UI
Rebecca Nöll: Design, Sound

My Accomplishments
I joined the project in the last 3 months. The implementation of the game design document created in 2017/2018 was my responsibility.

Unity, MS Visual Studio, Android SDK, Git, Hack’n’Plan