The Rapid Treasure Escape


“The Rapid Treasure Escape” is a fast-paced racing game where you are sharing a gamepad with a friend to control two trickster pirates on the run. Swooshing down a river in a little rowing boat packed with gold and diamonds you try to escape from a big pirate ship that you stole the treasures from. Don’t get caught and avoid the obstacles or your precious gold will go overboard – make it to your hidden cave and save as much treasure as possible!

Most impacting Worksamples

If you like to know more about the project, proceed to the specific blog posts by clicking on: The Rapid Treasure Escape (2017/2018)

Project Overview​

Project Type
First Semester Collaborative Project (BA) at Cologne Game Lab

Development Time & Current State
7 weeks – Released

PC, Mac (experimental)

Local Co-Op Racing Game

Executable (Windows), Controller required
Executable (Mac), Controller required Project Page

Daniel Turner: Programming
David Wildemann: 3D Art, Animation, Shader
Gina Graf: Concept Art, Environment Art, Voice Acting
Manuel Ott: Programming, Project Lead
Rebecca Nöll: Game Design, UI Design, Voice Acting

My Accomplishments
My responsibility was for the water and boat physics, controller input including calibration, Gamemode, Pursuing Boat AI, implementing animations and sound effects as well as creating the particle effects.

Unity, MS Visual Studio, Git, Hack’n’Plan